Thursday, February 28, 2008

sweet baby james

when i picked my phone up out of my locker on my lunch break yesterday, i had a voicemail from my father. i haven't really spoken to him in 2 months. his message asked me to call him so that he could talk to me about my birthday. it's 2 months first thought was that they wanted to fly out here for my birthday or send me a ticket to fly home or something. as it turns out, they want to buy me tickets to the new james taylor tour this summer. i grew up listening to james taylor, simon & garfunkel, peter paul & mary, etc. my parents have seen james in concert 5 times, and i never have. his new tour will combine his old full band stuff with his new one-man-band music. the show will be at the greek amphitheater in los angeles. i was blown away. it's an incredibly thoughtful birthday gift...i'm so stoked!! thanks mom and dad. tickets went on sale today...can't wait to find out what they get! ~aroll


Kirk said...

Hey Alex --

I thought about you this week -- I worked the NPC.

What's up?


curtis said...

lucky, that is an awesome gift, the good old jt, who could forget 'fire and rain.' this just might be put me in a folk mood for a while.

Bidelia said...

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