Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the most annoying things...

on my way to work this morning i was listening to the jeff & jer showgram on 94.1 fm. i am a faithful morning listener (when i'm up in the morning during the week which is everyday but thursday). this morning they had people calling in with their ideas of what are the most annoying things. responses ranged from automated phone messages to people bringing fruit to the office from their own backyards. one of my favorite ones was "inner-office envelopes." that one was suggested by laura, one of the on-air personalities. i thought that one was brilliant. they are annoying - all of those names scratched off, the little figure-8 string that inevitably comes i was listening to the responses, i wanted to call in and say, "sale customers...definitely the most annoying." i arrived at the store at the same time as my manager sabrina who had been listening as well. ironically she had brought fruit, but not from her backyard. she absolutely agreed that sale customers are the most annoying...they hover over you expecting you to mark things down more; they pull everything off the cart and out of the wall; they come in everyday and do the same thing hoping that items are even cheaper; then, they return it all. really? return something that's $1.99? ugh...i can't wait until all of our sale merchandise is gone!! ~aroll

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