Wednesday, October 1, 2008

tattoos galore!

last weekend, our church had a booth at a local street fair (adams ave. street fair). it was my first time to that street fair, and i was blown away. the fair was huge with multiple stages for live music, carnival rides, and of course food, food, and more food. thousands of people from all over san diego came to hang out, eat, listen to music, and be inundated with tons of businesses trying to sell them things.

at our booth, we did free airbrush tattoos. most people were surprised that we weren't charging, and that a church would be doing tattoos. there was a group of elementary-aged boys who kept coming back to get more, and i'm pretty sure they had every stencil that we brought tattooed on them somewhere...well, except the little butterfly one. i enjoyed seeing the smiles on people's faces - kids and adults - having fun with it. more than once we had adults who wanted to get one to scare a spouse. i wish i could have seen the spouses' faces! i will say, though, that the sound of an air compressor at this point might send me to the mental institution! here are some photos from the weekend:


Kirk said...

Look at Mr. "sleeves rolled up, hat on, sunglasses ready" Roller! Sounds like great ministry at the street fair!

Em said...

The smell of rubbing alcohol does the same to me, as he sound does to you. It was worth it though!

a_roll said... you and travis both, i too blew my nose the next day and it was black! at least the airbrush won't be coming out again for a long time...or have i spoken too soon?!?!