Wednesday, October 22, 2008

and so it begins...2 gatherings!

well, missiongathering is now officially a multiple-service faith community after our first 7:00p gathering last sunday. it was a crazy and long day, roller-coaster of emotions (see subsequent posts...i've got about 4 that i'm currently trying to get out of my head and onto the blog), but was an exciting new chapter in the story of missiongathering. between the two services we had over 225 people walk through the doors of missiongathering and experience our expression of the story of the grace of God. i know i was incredibly nervous about whether or not anyone was going to show up on sunday night, but we had 130+...apparently covering an entire college campus with bright orange rave cards is somewhat effective. future of forestry brought a great vibe musically, but i must admit i'm ready for the beautiful rescue to rock it next week. plus it means i don't have to break down my gear after the 10a gathering. wahoo! it's the little things, eh? the more thought-provoking posts as a result of sunday's experiences. ~aroll

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mindi said...

looking forward to subsequent posts on this...

in the meantime, entirely distracted by the vibraphone in the pic. i haven't seen one of those since i left asbury. and the crazy thing is i was just talking to beth s yesterday @ work about having played mallets in the past.