Friday, May 30, 2008

the collective gasp

i went to the midnight showing of "sex and the city" last night. yes i know that might be a little frightening/sad for some of you, but it's carrie, miranda, charlotte, and samantha!!! if you haven't seen the movie yet, stop reading here. i'm not giving anything major away, just a fun moment in the movie. when big shows carrie her closet in their new house, it is an awe inspiring moment. big opens the double doors into the mansion of a closet he built for carrie, and at that moment there was a collective gasp in the theatre that sucked nearly every bit of oxygen out of the room. i looked around and saw every woman with their hand over her mouth in amazement. i laughed. sure, i was jealous of the closet too, but not enough to contribute to the vacuum. if you ever saw an episode of "sex and the city," you must go see the movie. if you haven't but like funny, art-imitating-life movies, go see it. ~aroll


mindi said...

when i saw it last night, the audience interaction was very high. at the closet moment, some woman said loudly "Now that's Love!"

a_roll said...

that's awesome...every woman and every gay man in the theatre was thinking the same thing i'm sure.