Friday, May 4, 2007

the search for a new dwelling

in the process of looking for a place to live, one's priorities and proclivities become readily apparent. i certainly have figured out what parts of town i don't want to live in, but i feel my last two years in my current condo have spoiled me. it's hard to find 2 bed/2 bath places with all the amenities that i can afford!! as i prepare to make the move, i have also begun to realize how much crap i have. i'm starting to clean things out so that i don't have so much crap to move, but i am also very much realizing that i need to simplify my life. i have things i haven't used in years, clothes i haven't worn in years, and things i don't really need. the part that will be hardest for me, i think, is figuring out how many things i really need to save in the "memerabilia" category - cards, ticket stubs, etc. i'm a sentimental guy...i still have everything from my 2-year relationship with my ex-fiancee...and that ended 1.5 years ago. i also have the frugal/savings tape playing in my head, "i might use that someday..." at some point i just need to get rid of it, i suppose. who would have thought that the search for a new dwelling would bring a pretty significant shift in perspective...

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