Saturday, April 21, 2007

maybe i am a salesman...

so today was my 3rd day working at West Elm (furniture store owned by williams-sonoma/pottery barn). i love the furniture and decor there, which will make my 40% discount either very wonderful or very dangerous...or both. my first two days i was training on the product information, touring the store, learning GUEST (their sales approach), and minimal time on the register. today i went in expecting more register training, some time in the stock room, and shadowing a sales associate. nope...right to the sales floor! with the exception of needing to learn more about our products so that i can just answer questions instead of looking it up in my handy-dandy reference materials tucked neatly in my chocolate-brown apron, i was pretty confident on the floor. so much of it is simply being able to talk to people and find out what they are looking for. so with a grand total of 1 hour shadowing someone prior to today, i went to work. i met some fun customers and helped redecorate 1 condo, 3 bedroomsm, 1 living room, and sold $2600+ my first day! i was pretty excited. we shall see what the future if you're in san diego, stop by and see me!

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