Monday, September 22, 2008

reunion playlist highlights

so in my last post, i promised a highlight list of some of the songs i have on the playlist i created for my 10-yr high school reunion last weekend. i pulled together songs that were significant to us as a class and popular at the time. in no particular order, some highlights are:

i'll be - edwin mcccain
all for you - sister hazel
closing time - semisonic
bittersweet symphony - the verve
good riddance - greenday
how's it going to be - third eye blind
too legit to quit - mc hammer
you learn - alanis morissette
one week - barenaked ladies
a long december - counting crows
champagne supernova - oasis
everybody (backstreet's back) - backstreet boys
the freshman - verve pipe
so much to say - dave matthews band
friends - michael w. smith
angel - sarah mclachlan
one headlight - the wallflowers
i've got friends in low places - garth brooks

it was a fun trip down memory lane putting the whole playlist many songs i had forgotten about!! it's fun and scary to listen to. ~aroll


Barbara Romick said...

Ok. This list transports me back to Beth's HS days. Don't think I want to go there again!

Anonymous said...

Saw you in some pics on Ashley and Chase's Facebook pages, and thought I'd google you. Glad to see you're still doing what you were always meant to do, namely ministry and music. Strangely I paralleled your life as a coordinator for Williams-Sonoma for a while. That Chuck Williams draws the best of us. Anyway, your "list" has reminded me of the 7th grade dance in the cafeteria when we all held hands weeping and swaying to MWS's Friends. Memories...

Would love to catch up sometime or get you addicted to the Facebook.

Jessica Munter Orso