Monday, March 10, 2008

an almost perfect day...

this month is a bit on the insane side for my schedule. yesterday our church moved to a new location (luckily just across the street) on daylight savings day (that was brilliant for our community who can't be on time on a normal sunday), this coming weekend i fly to st. louis for my college roommate's wedding, then it's Easter, and then we host the emc tour with brian mclaren. after church, a few of us decided to go hiking on cowles mtn. it's a beautiful and not-too-strenuous hike. danica and jason brought their dog colbie, sarah brought her water bottle, and i brought my nalgene...but i intentionally left my watch and my phone in the car. those who may know me even a little can appreciate what a monumental moment that was for me. we hiked to the top while about every other person warned us of a rattlesnake further up the trail. that part was rather anticlimactic as the snake was curled up asleep under a rock. it was a beautiful day...after the hike we decided to head back to danica and jason's place to hit the hot tub where my best friend jay joined us. we then ordered pizza, i made my special coronas, and we watched the simpson's movie. and by watched i mean most of us drifted in and out of sleep while the movie played. we had all had a very long weekend. it's been a while since i've had an afternoon just to relax with friends like that. it was really fantastic. can't wait for another sunday afternoon like that...sometime in april! ~aroll

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