Wednesday, November 14, 2007

two liters of tequila and a road flare...

when those words came out of quint's mouth, i almost spit my drink out i was laughing so hard. so last week some friends of mine from oklahoma were in town for a conference. i went to rescue them from the hotel and take them somewhere for a fun san diego dinner. to my pleasant surprise the other san diegan helping drive (whom i hadn't met before) suggested only the greatest spot in all of san diego - the Turf Supper Club. yes, in case you hadn't noticed, i don't capitalize in my blog, but i did just capitalize the Turf Supper Club. it is that fantastic; i'm there at least once a week. i'll have to post about the glories of the Turf Supper Club another time. back to the story...we were eating our dinner and consuming our beverages, and the topic of wine bars and corkage fees. someone mentioned then the obvious need for bringing a flask in order to avoid such fees. then i chimed in that even better than a flask is a camelbak! there's nothing better than cruising down the mountain on my snowboard with a camelbak full of vodka...okay, i'm mostly kidding. but then quint chime's in, "it's all about two liters of tequila and a road flare!" we all died laughing. i'm still not sure what he meant by it, but it was a classic line, nonetheless. ~aroll

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