Sunday, March 18, 2007

my suitcase in a coffee house

this is one to tell the i'm in seattle right now. for the last two days i've been working an event up here, and this morning i was picked up by my friend colin who lives here in seattle. he and i met in romania last easter when i was there doing music for an outreach/work project with project compassion. anyway, we went to church then headed to the famous pike's place market. i had incredible little donuts and watched the vendors throw fish. we then went by the big troll under the bridge in fremont and had dinner at a great thai restaurant. then it was time for my friends to go back home, but I couldn't get a hold of the other friend i was going to stay with tonight. so colin and dawn dropped me off at this great coffee house called here i am with my suitcase, doggie bag, and the sunday paper waiting for someone, anyone, to come pick me up at the coffee house. i wonder what people are thinking...i started off outside, but now i'm at an inside table. oh well, i've certainly seen stranger things.


youthgroupzion said...


looking forward to picking you up tonight for some good times in Canada.

Kirk said...

Welcome to surreal land! I think I mean that as the land where writing a blog is the norm and sitting alone in a coffee house waiting for someone seems strange. I have no idea what that means.